The deCuba restaurant has been operating in the heart of Palanga, the Lithuania's favorite resort, since 2006. The restaurant is located on the famous J. Basanavičius Street. In summer, a large summer terrace and a fabulous garden are at your service. Sit in the cozy wicker beach chairs or other comfortable chairs by the waterfall, and enjoy helpful service and delicious meals. In winter, when the Baltic Sea glares with a special glow, the restaurant deCuba will charm you with a fabulous atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in feelings and thoughts.

With its 400 comfortable seating areas, the wonderful deCuba garden will feature lush vegetation and lighted fountain cascades. In cooler weather, special outdoor heaters and plaid throw blankets will keep you comfortable.

The stylish deCuba restaurant can accommodate up to 700 guests. Kids can enjoy a playground with a roundabout or watch the colorful fish and coral play in the huge aquarium. Whether you are alone in this romantic setting or sharing it with your partner, with family, friends or business partners, whether it is a wedding banquet or family celebration, the over 2900 m2 restaurant deCuba will create the right atmosphere for you at any occasion. Visit us and we will fulfill your wishes.